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Graphic Arts Solutions Vendors

bleuprocess is partnering with many eading companies in the Graphic Arts. Its expertise in the software mentioned below helps you in identifying the best solutions for your needs. bleuprocess is able to install those systems as well as train you on their usage.

Graphic Arts Creation software, in particular:
  • Acrobat Professional : PDF file manipulation
  • Illustrator : vector-based creation software (main tool in packaging)
  • Photoshop : pixel-based creation & colour retouching software
  • InDesign : page layout

Preflight and automatic correction software:
  • InstantPDF : Certified PDF file origination, from within native applications
  • PitStop Professional : Acrobat plug-in for manipulation, preflight and automatic corrections on PDF files
  • PitStop Server : PitStop Professional's server version
  • PitStop Extreme : PDF file manipulation
  • PitStop Connect : preflight and file delivery
Automation software from the Switch range :
  • Switch : file handling and routing, manage external applications, such as Adobe Creative Suite, Enfocus PitStop Server or Callas Software pdfToolbox Server, metadata manipulation, scripting and user interactions via a client-server module

Callas Software
Callas Software
Preflight and automatic correction software,
pdfToolbox & pdfToolbox Server:
  • pdfInspektor : PDF file preflight (this preflight tool, developed by Callas, is the one used by Adobe in Acrobat Professional)
  • pdfCorrect : PDF file automatic corrections
  • pdfColorConvert : PDF file automatic colour conversions
  • pdfLayerMaker : PDF layer maker, according to file's properties

Automation of printing and file exporting:
  • MadeToPrint : plug-in for Adobe InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator et Quark XPress
  • MadeToPrint Auto : hot-folder based automated solution
  • MadeToPrint Server : automated version dedicated to vjoon K4 & WoodWing SCE (InDesign Server) or Quark QPS solutions

Global Vision Inc
Global Vision Inc
Automated proof-reading solutions:
  • DocuProof : text comparison from differents sources (Office, XML, PDF)
  • Digital Page : artwork comparator
    (file to file, file to printed document, printed document to printed document)
  • Braille Point : braille dot measurement and verification
  • Scan TVS : scanners for printed document verification


Competence Centre

bleuprocess is part of an international network of graphic arts experts, forming a center of competences able to answer any problems. This network offers a high level technological survey on the tools and processes of the digital graphic chain.

Partners of bleuprocess are at this time:

Four Pees
Four Pees
Named after the four P’s of marketing – product, price, place and promotion - Four Pees offers dedicated sales and marketing services to hi-tech suppliers in the publishing and related industries, allowing companies to extend their efforts or try new strategies without overloading their existing organization. Based on a marketing model of accessibility, Four Pees partners with experts in specific fields of sales and marketing, providing a competence centre to start-ups, a single point of access to the European market for non-European companies and focussing on specific markets or product ranges for bigger organizations.

Prépresse Conseil
Prépresse Conseil
Prépresse Conseil is a company specialised in PDF wokflow. François Lemaire, PDF expert, offers audit, consultancy and training on PDF technologies for agencies, repro houses, printers, training centers and schools. He is giving conferences on behalf of graphic software vendors, such as Enfocus.

Thierry Buanic, one of the most recognised expert in PDF and desktop publishing, is giving consultancy and making audits for communication and prepress companies. He also gives training while still working on communication and publishing documents. Thierry is the author of le PDF pour le prépresse (Eyrolles). He is giving conferences on behalf of graphic software vendors, such as Adobe Systems.

bleuprocess is currently working on partnerships with leading graphic software vendors. More to come on this page.